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Chuk Peña - Recording Artist

Chuk Peña Biography

Chuk Peña is a singer-songwriter-musician in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA whose music is comprised of covers and originals in several genres including folk ballads, light blues, and soft rock.  Chuk has recorded over 30 songs which are shared on his YouTube channel to reach as many ears as possible.

"Chuk Peña, Recording Artist" emerged from a corporate professional world that had little to do with music and creative expression.  The process of finally being able to have his musical voice heard has been years in the making.  Quite remarkably, his career as a recording artist has been one of "a dream deferred."

Chuk Peña was born and raised Charles Nathan Blitzer in Toledo, Ohio.  The youngest of seven children, Chuk had a penchant for singing, and eventually decided he wanted to try his hand at being a professional vocalist.  This decision was met with great dismay from his parents who had immigrated to the United States to build a better life for themselves and their children.  As such, their criteria for their children was that they learn to play a musical instrument, and commit to a college education.  Chuk's much older brothers and sisters had already accomplished impressive goals along those lines, however that was not Chuk’s concept for his own reality!

Faced with the dilemma of following his own music dreams, or disappointing his parents by not going to college, Chuk reluctantly agreed to try higher education for six months in order to "keep the peace."  Not knowing what he wanted to do, other than be the "legendary rock star," which already existed in his own mind, Chuk enrolled in pharmacy school "on a lark."  Working at a neighborhood pharmacy as a "soda jerk," he filled prescriptions under a pharmacy preceptor program.

Three degrees later (including an MBA and a Juris Doctor in Law), Chuk was on an unlikely detour down the path to a long, illustrious, and successful worldwide career in the public and private sectors of the law, pharmaceutical industry, and corporate business.  While in law school, Chuk discovered a love of the guitar to accompany his love of singing.  Though he continued to play and sing over the years, there was little time in Chuk's busy life to think about fulfilling "his dream."

Chuk never lost sight of his musical dream.  He took early retirement and relocated to Las Vegas, where he finally had the time to revisit his dream of becoming a singer-musician.  After more serious guitar instruction with the namesake of Vince Lauria Studios, as well as vocal and performance lessons with Glenn Williams (both located in Las Vegas, Nevada), "Chuk Peña, Recording Artist" emerged.  Working in association with TriPops Music Production and Trimordial Studio Las Vegas, Chuk continues to be a prolific singer-songwriter, and his efforts have earned him recognition and several awards. 

Among the many electric and acoustic guitars he owns and plays, Chuk favors his 6- and 12-string Ovation "Adamas," Taylor "Koa" 12-string, and Gibson "J45 Hummingbird" electric-acoustic guitars.

Chuk lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his wife, Veronica Peña Blitzer and son, Christian.

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