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Chuk Peña - Recording Artist

"Chuk Peña, Recording Artist" is a singer-musician in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA whose music is comprised of covers and originals in several genres including folk ballads, light blues, and soft rock.  Chuk is currently working in the studio preparing a variety of new music to share on his YouTube channel and reach as many ears as possible.

An Up-And-Coming Las Vegas Musician

Chuk Peña is an up-and-coming music artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is known for his covers and singles that include exceptional tracks comprising genres like folk music, light blues, and soft rock. Unlike many other artists, Chuk Peña comes from a corporate background which had little to do with music. Nonetheless, he had always maintained a passion for music. To fulfill his dream and share his work with millions of enthusiasts, Chuk Peña retired early, moved to Las Vegas, NV, and is now dedicating his time to his recording. The emerging star is currently working with Trimordial Studio and TriPops Music Production to launch his debut album. You can check out some of his best covers and originals on his YouTube channel. With a growing number of followers who appreciate the soulful depiction of his genuine love for music, Chuk Peña is among the top artists and one of the leading up-and-coming musicians. Stay tuned to his channel and Facebook page to indulge in the music that is a manifestation of honesty and passion. You can also get in touch with him through is email address, chuk@chukpena.com to learn more about the touching Las Vegas musician.

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